Sungi Mlengeya


Sungi is a Tanzanian-born multi-passionate artist and painter. Being among the few emerging female artists in her country, her path has a great influence on many future creatives. Only recently embarking on a full-time art career, her work is already recognized and appreciated by art critics and broader audiences within the country and beyond.

“My portfolio mostly consists of dark faces in minimal shades of black and browns against perfectly white backgrounds. I chose to paint black people to celebrate black ethnicities, to express the beauty in blackness, to bring forth pride and cement an unmovable black spirit.

I focus on women as representatives of their societies, since throughout history; the central role of women as life bearers, nurturers, caretakers and educators has ensured the stability of their communities.

The minimalist simple backgrounds create high contrast and put emphasis and attention on the subjects.”

Like many other renowned artists, Sungi didn’t pursue art at University but rather graduated with a Bachelors of Commerce in Finance before taking on a Banking career which she quit and embarked on a full-time career in art. 

Sungi spends most of her time painting wherever she is, her painting sessions are long mostly silent emotional moments of reflection.

Sungi's work has been exhibited at Latitudes Art Fair 2019, ‘Surfaces’ conceptual workshop and exhibition 2019 at Afriart Gallery - mentored by Henry ‘Mzili’ Mujunga.

Sungi Mlengeya

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