Stacey Gillian Abe


Born in 1990, Stacey Gillian Abe graduated with a B.A (Hon) in Art and industrial design from Kyambogo University in 2014. Her work is a mirror of her past memories as an African young woman and the continuous personal experiences within the community she inhabits.  The autobiographical documentation highlights specific complex situations like stereotypical depictions of her as a black woman drawing on the strengths and fragility of the female mind. Similarly, her art probes unsettling narratives on the subject of identity, gender, spirituality and cultural mysticism, including the past and present.

In her work, space is a vital component to the art where the imagined space prompts a surreal mystical feel to the work, depicting it as startling to the audience. However, each space that the artist works on has its own context and gets its own interpretations; it also springs views on self-resilience and what can be overcome. 

Gillian incorporates a metaphorical and experimental approach to her work through her interest in exploring new techniques with parallel mediums like glass, ceramics, fibres, textures and light photography. These draw attention to the hand-made through the method of tying together and binding, stitching, clustering, and pairing which are assembled and layered in metaphorical constructs


Stacey Gillian has participated in La Puente - Seat of honor, LKB gallery Humburg, Germany 2019, Johannesburg Art Fair FNB (2017,2018), South Africa, Cape Town Art fair (solo presentation) 2018, 4th Silk Road Festival ( 2017), 13th Dakar Biennale “off” (2018), Addis Foto Fest 2018, Ethiopia and 1:54 Contemporary Art Fair, New York “Pioneer works” (2018) 

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Stacey Gillian Abe

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La Puente - Seat of honor

La Puente - Seat of honor

Stacey Gillian Abe
16 Apr 2019

Stacey Gillian Abe  La Puente - Seat of honor Humburg, Germany 6th April - 1st May 2019

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