Samson Xenson Ssenkaaba is a multi-media artist born in 1979, Uganda.  He studied art at Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Art and graduated in 1999. His artistic process includes working with a synergy of installations, videos, performance, poetry, fashion, photography, and painting.  He interrogates contemporary themes of consumerism, multiculturalism, immigration, and corruption.

The concept of identity pervades his work, where he adopts the mask for his subjects on canvas or in his performances.  The mask in its traditional form is used to conceal one’s identity and Xenson integrates it in his work as a tool to interrogate the idea of obscured identity. According to the artist, each one of us wears a mask on a day to day basis. More so, the mask highlights our complex identity in these contemporary times.

As is the tradition in his work, inspired by his artistic name, Xenson, the artist is always trying to find the X-factor in work. Therefore, his work is an intricate exploration of the self while interrupting our every day to show the “others” every day. In his array of work, the artist creates persuasive, relevant and cross-cultural artworks.

Xenson has participated in Kampala Art Biennale 2016, FNB Johannesburg Art Fair 2016, Kabbo Ka Muwala itinerary exhibition (Zimbabwe, Uganda, Germany 2016), KLA ART 012, World Cultural Forum (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2016). His works are collected in Uganda, Germany, USA, Netherlands, and France.

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Afriart Gallery on 7th
01 Sep 2017 - 30 Nov 2017

Curated by Jennifer Mpyisi

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