Ronex Ahimbisibwe is a semi-abstract multi-media artist who is rapidly developing into one of Uganda's most celebrated artists. His artworks include paintings, sculptures, woodcut prints, digital art, photography, and mixed media installations. Ronex experiments with a wide variety of techniques and materials, while attempting to answer questions about methods and materials and the effects of texture on one’s perception. 


Ronex does not shy away from addressing themes that are controversial in the Ugandan society like homosexuality, nudity, and corruption. His visual journey entails studio research in a quest to discover his own capabilities, strength, and doubts by tapping into the magic of the subconscious. Ronex is driven by one question, WHAT IF? What if he did this and that? What would be the outcome? He enjoys getting surprised by the process and reversal of known truths.


Ronex work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout the world; e.g. in England, the USA, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Egypt. He has won several awards including the KLA ART 012 International Award and the Art Expo New York Award. Moreover, he has been profiled in several (art) magazines and newspapers. 

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The latest exhibitions from the artist.



Afriart Gallery on 7th
07 Feb 2020 - 06 Mar 2020

In this solo exhibition, Uganda’s most undoubtedly prolific artist RONEX  presents a body of multimedia works offering different options to the viewer ...

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11 Jan 2019 - 14 Feb 2019

RONEX has created new multimedia artworks relating to personal interpretation/observation of Dreams, contradictions, possibilities, thoughts and the ideal versus reality. "My challenge ...