Odur Ronald

Odur Ronald, born 1992 and raised in Kampala, is a self-taught artist who completed a degree in Interior Design at Kyambogo University in 2016. From March to August 2020, he was an artist-in-residence at Silhouette Projects. Odur is a multi-media artist who mostly works with aluminium printing plates, which he manipulates by embossing, burning, stitching and creasing as well by adding wire, paper and found objects. He is passionate about exploring the possibilities and limitations of aluminium as a consistent material in his artistic work. His personal connection to the material goes back to his childhood in Kampala. Growing up, he used to collect scrap from alumiunium plates to sell it to the local scrap dealers. He reconnected with the materialas an adult while in search of affordable raw material to create art.

Having mostly worked on relief sculptures and paintings, during his recent residency, he developed and explored a technique using copper wire to stitch aluminium plates into replicas of objects. He mainly chose objects which are meaningful to him personally. (IM)PERFECTIONS presents these objects in form of installations exploring narratives around migration, freedom of movement and the opportunities and possibilities that lie in the obstacles we face in life and within ourselves.

Odur Ronald

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