Ocom Adonias


Ocom Adonias is a figurative artist working with drawing, painting and stop- motion animation. His work engages in the realistic presentation of the lives of the common man and his heritage. The underlying intention is to tell stories about his experiences and the lives of people that he has met. 

While interrogating his current theme “Who is your Saint?” the artist delves into aspects of day to day life of urbanites, prevailing political discourse, and sexuality that inspire the notion of Sainthood. Here Ocom uses newspapers not only as a drawing surface but also to symbolize what is in the news today. It seems to him that all that people know is what is in the news. The compositions in this series are of daily social activity that is taken for granted.


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Ocom Adonias

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Who Is Your Saint? - OCOM ADONIAS

Who Is Your Saint? - OCOM ADONIAS

Ocom Adonias
Afriart Gallery Kira Rd
25 May 2018 - 25 Jul 2018

A series of artworks documenting saints in society.

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