Lilian Nabulime


Nabulime Lilian was born in Kampala, in 1963 and later studied art at the Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Art, Makerere University graduating with a Master’s degrees in sculpture and later a Ph.D. from Newcastle University UK on the research subject: the role of sculptural forms as a communication tool in relation to the lives and experiences of women with HIV/ AIDS in Uganda.  

The academic lecturer’s work is a study and response to her community with personal experiences; whether good or bad. As such, her hardwood sculptures suggest a narrative on the day to day lifestyle and behaviour of young women on university campus, her individual undertakings, but also a reaction to the subject of recycling or reusing. The sculptures often produced, particularly retain their natural form as a symbol of man’s relation with nature.  

Through her contemporary approach to the genre, Nabulime ably produces sculptures that are dynamic, organic with a rhythm that flows along the grain, growth pattern of the tree form. This is an experience she obtained from her study on root-stumps, as part of her Master’s degree, which now permeates through her work. Nabulime contrasts this dexterity often times with synthetic media (found-objects) like aluminum, copper plates, and acrylic paints, to add texture to her figurines with a nuance of subtle themes like womanhood, sexuality, and identity.

Nabulime works with diverse media like hardwood, found hard-wood, fired clay (terracotta) and root-stumps in order to move the meaning of her art beyond the visual.


Nabulime has exhibited at Afriart Gallery, Dr. Lilian Mary Nabulime Sculptures 1993-2018, featured in Kampala Contemporary Art Festival (KLA ART 012), exhibited at Makerere Art gallery, Wood: Artistic Exploration 2014 and held several solo and group exhibitions in USA, U.K, Denmark, Belgium, and Germany.

Lilian Nabulime

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