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As culture continues to dictate our day to day lives, we eventually lose our moral values. Ethnocentrism has always been the worst problem to humanity since the genesis of man. Societies are dismantled as new cultures are born in a mix of cultures. Often times I love to create communicative works that encourage conversations on things that we as people look upon as our shared culture; that is commodification and consumerism. Fashion and beauty being the primary focus, I mainly draw my inspiration from human behavioral changes that occur during exciting events or crisis. I am very keen on raising awareness about issues concerning our breaking societies as triggered by discrimination to segregation, from disintegration to integration and from environmental change to safety. The masking of my subjects face or specific body parts intends to denote the dichotomy of identity versus discrimination based on ethnicity or social class. Essentially my work is mainly about social conscience and healing 

Collin Sekajugo is a self-taught Rwandan-Ugandan painter engaged in exploring the link between art and community in Africa. His work is often characterized by a tightly defined color palette composed of painting, collage, photography and line drawing.

A dedicated community activist, Sekajugo’s interest in the nexus of art and community has seen his involvement in numerous art conferences, workshops and residencies in Africa, Europe and North America, and led to his establishment of Ivuka Arts, the first art centre, studio space in Kigali, Rwanda, which grew to become a vital agent in the development of the Rwandan contemporary art scene.

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Collin Sekajugo

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What is beautiful

What is beautiful

Collin Sekajugo
Afriart Gallery on 7th
27 Oct 2018 - 31 Dec 2018

Everyone being different is "what is really beautiful". If we were all the same, it would be boring.

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