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Arim Andrew was born in 1989 in Kyambogo, a suburb of Kampala the capital of Uganda.  He studied Social Science at Kyambogo University (Uganda) and graduated in 2015 but was inspired from an early age to draw by his elder brother who is an animator and illustrator. That early exposure to art, later on, influenced his choice of career as a full-time artist. His portraits in hyper-realistic style are juxtaposed with comic subjects that ultimately reveal a mystique character to the drawings. As he composes his drawings on canvas, layering them with a myriad of colors, the artist is intended to inspire an enduring communication to the audience. This is a departure to the traditional approach of portraiture drawing that only concentrates on creating something beautiful.

The artist’s participation in 'Surfaces 2017' (A biannual conceptual development workshop by Afriart Gallery Kampala) morphed his artistic practice from an artist who is only concerned with his immediate interests or surroundings to an all-rounded artist who works and thinks outside the comfort zone. As such, the stories he tells through his paintings suggest a broader political- social narrative that can be situated in a global context. His maiden solo exhibition 'A Portrait of Power, Control and Authority' 2018 is a testimony to this wide-ranging approach to his subject-matter. An avid reader of comic books, Arim’s favorite book is Hellspawn, an American published Comic book that is described as atmospheric with the often disturbing subject matter. That inspiration from the book can intricately be felt through his works.


Arim Andrew's works have been exhibited at Cape town Art fair 2019, Afriart Gallery in a group show 'Surfaces 2017', a solo exhibition 'A portrait of Power, Control and Authority 2018', and Kampala Art Biennale 2018.

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Arim Andrew

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A portrait of Power, Authority and Control

A portrait of Power, Authority and Control

Arim Andrew
16 Aug 2018

The message in these portraitures is clear: the artist is cross-examining the theme of power, authority and control as exercised by the male figure in society today.

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A portrait of Power, Authority and Control | Arim Andrew

A portrait of Power, Authority and Control | Arim Andrew

Arim Andrew
Afriart Gallery on 7th
25 Aug 2018 - 21 Oct 2018

A portrait of people wielding supreme power and authority across the globe.

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